Dear Bill and the 2013 Wynn Newhouse Award decisions committee,

I want to express my deepest thanks to you all for the tremendous support that you have shown through selecting me as a recipient of the 2013 Wynn Newhouse Award.

Since my visit to New York to attend the opening of the group exhibition celebrating the 2013 Wynn Newhouse Award recipients, I have been reflecting upon my last few years of work as an artist—and am deeply moved by the kindness and generosity that others have shown me. I would like to take this moment to name and acknowledge those who have supported my practice in order to illustrate the invaluable service that the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation, with the Wynn Newhouse Award program, provides artists in developing and sustaining their practices. Each person on this list has played a role in my development as an artist and has empowered me in strengthening my personal philosophy on art and activism. This list would ideally appear as a complex web of names so as to illustrate the truly interdependent nature of my system of support.

Harrell Fletcher, Phinder Dulai, Kristin Rochelle Lantz, Amanda cachia, Molly Sherman, kai Tillman, Jessica Gildea, Pablo Helguera, Julie Ault, Dann Attoe, Susan Rome, David Burns, J. Morgan Puett, Mark Dion, Catherin J. H. Miller, Elizabeth Bidart, Heather Zinger, Michael Birchall, Megan Arney Johnston, Marc Fisher, Brett Bloom, Salem Collo Julin, John Spiak, Chris Johanson, Glen Lowry, Rozzell Medina, Emily Becker, Allison Agsten, Malia Rose, Lara Fitzgerald, Anthony Meza Wilson, Lee Williams Boudakian, Betty Marin, Patricia Vazquez, Carolina A. Miranda, Sasha Ali, Deacon Jones, Kristen Ann McHugh, Holly Jerger, Susan Schweik, Tobin Siebers, Adam Moser, Ruthie Stringer, Dana Bishop-Root, Eliza Gregory, Katherine Ball, Lexa Walsh, Matthew Callinan, Petra Kuppers, Neeil Marcus, Dominic Willsdon, Jennifer Gonzalez, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Christine Sun Kim, Laura Swanson, Danielle Linzer, Afuwa, Arlene Bowman,Rebecca Chunn, d. June Conley, aly D., Murray Huehn, Pierre Leichner, Quin Martins, Bill Pope, Karen Ward, John Muse, Mary Jane Jacob, Kristin Lindgren, Erin Charpentier, Travis Neel, Grace Hwang, Jordan Martin, Aubyn Rader, Thor Polukoshko, Elliott Lummin, Amanda Joy Ivings, Wayde Compton, Ryan Gordon Flowers, Sunaura Taylor, Colin Partch, LeyAnn Meau, Mickey Fisher, Chelsey Blackmon, William Butler, Alexander Bacon, Suzanne Kreps, Sarah Suzuki, Maryam Zaringhalam, Dillon de Give, Andrew Lee, Alysha Shaw, Jeff Derksen, Steven Collis, Jordan Scott, Garry Thomas Morse, Reg Johanson, Roger Farr, Ryan Knighton, Mercedes Eng, Cecily Nicholson, Carla Burgman, Zach Burgman, Chris Burgman, Sylvia McFadden, Savanna Todd, Helen Reed, Hannah Jickling, Taryn Hubbard, Kira Wu, Beatrice Wolert-Weese, Gregory Amenoff, Edward Westerhuis, Jordan Strom, Amish Morrell, Lisa Prentice, Heidi Nagtegaal, Stephanie Snyder, Garrick Imatani, Jules Boykoff, Kaia Sand, Jason Sturgill, Erik Fergueson, Yulia Erakelyan, Emese Ilyes, Veronica Papalia, Doris Papalia, Mario Papalia, Antonio Papalia, Sarah Mirk, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Heather Yeung, Laura Beiles, Sarah Kennedy, Barry Truax, Susan Stewart, Rita Wong, Larissa Lai, Gabriella Solti

Also, as promised, attached is the article about Blind Field Shuttle that I wrote for the UK Journal of Literary Disability, and a catalog essay that describes my process of working in museums and finding community. Please feel free to share this letter, and the attached articles, with the decisions committee.

Thank you once again for the profound generosity that you have shown in supporting my practice.

Take good care,
—Carmen Papalia


Dear Bill and Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for being selected as a 2012 Wynn Newhouse Awards recipient. Thank you for the recognition and the generous award. As an artist living and working in New York City, this grant will be of incredible support by providing me with the resources to pursue adventurous new work.

I am proud to represent Wynn’s legacy and remain dedicated to fostering an understanding that people with disabilities deserve to flourish. The Wynn Newhouse Awards program is crucial in a society that sometimes overlooks the potential of people with disabilities. The program holds a lot of meaning for me, as it not only supports the practices of artists, but it publicly advances an awareness that people with disabilities make important contributions within culture.

Lastly, I want to extend my appreciation to the Wynn Newhouse Awards staff and selection committee, the Syracuse University Art Galleries staff, and the Lubin House staff for their wonderful support and kindness.

All the best,

Laura Swanson


Dear Syracuse University Lubin House, Staff of Newhouse Foundation, Wynn Newhouse Awards Committee, and S.I. Newhouse, Jr.;

It is with my utmost appreciation to personally thank you for your generous support of my career as an artist. Currently, I am a candidate of the Sound and Music department at Bard College, and the grant will be put in great use toward my education and the development of exciting projects to come.
While growing up, my parents have instilled in me the importance of a good education, being courageous, and leading the best life possible. Clearly, this society does not have much of a place for artists, let alone people with disabilities; with organizations like yours, you are paving our roads and helping us achieve without unnecessary difficulty. With my deep gratitude, I thank you for your generosity in making my career possible and your confidence in me.

All my best,
Christine Sun Kim
2012 Newhouse Award Recipient


Thank you, Wynn.

You managed, through your intense care for people so like and unlike yourself, to do what no corporation and no government has done: you put money directly in the hands of disabled artists and athletes, thereby enabling them to makes things and do things no one else believed they could make and do--. Unlike many foundations today that support the arts, your approach was understated, and not cause for fanfare and self-celebration. It was above all, humble; and for those of us who received the benefit of your support, it was meaningful.

And it will be remembered for a very long time.

Thank you,
Joseph Grigely


I was so sorry to hear the news about Wynn. My condolences to you and his family.
I am sure the Wynn Newhouse Awards will honor his memory and commitment to artists with disabilities.

All the best,
Soula Antoniou


I am writing to pay tribute to a great man Wynn Newhouse. I've been in the art business 30 years and have been ostricized, made fun of, and humiliated because of my mental disability - schizophrenia. I was once told "you are crazy and I don't want you anywhere near my project." That sums up how the contemporary art world feels about people with disabilities.

In my career I've received many awards but none as important as the Wynn Newhouse Award. Wynn knew I was "schizophrenic" and gave me an award for accomplishments I have made in my art. All the other awards I received were "in spite of" my disability. His award made me feel important and accepted in a world in which I have been ostricized. The money from the award allowed me to contiue my work when I was feeling the pinch of poverty. Wynn appreciated and accepted my work as great contemporary art. He not only accepted it he embraced it.

Coming to New York to meet him was a memorable experience. I wasn't expecting someone with a disability to be the top man in the company. After I met him and saw the severity of his own disability it gave me new hope in my own life. I vowed, once again, never to stop doing my art. He made me feel like a "star" taking photographs, treating me graciously, and inviting me to his home. As I recall he even accomadated my strict diet. Wynn was a man of class and I will always remember him.

I send my deepest sympathies for the loss of a great man.

Linda Carmella Sibio


I am so very sorry to hear of Wynn's passing. The time we spent working on the grant was so wonderful and exciting. What Wynn accomplished in his life changed the world for so many other people. His enthusiasm and humor made all of us feel that so much was possible. His eye as a collector was remarkable; his dedication to the arts lead to the creation of more art.

For myself, receiving the Wynn Newhouse Award transformed my life. I have been able both to pursue projects that I could never have otherwise done, and to survive when my health has made it very difficult to support myself. I am more thankful than I can ever express for the gift of this lifeline. Wynn's grant has also meant that I can spend time helping develop the careers of other artists with disabilities, in my work as a curator. It is part of every day that I am in the studio, my classroom at the Art Institute, or at my office at Access Living.

You have my deep condolences, and deepest gratitude.

Very best regards,
Riva Lehrer


I am so sorry to learn of Wynn's passing. We have lost a true champion. I will continue to keep Wynn in my thoughts!

Terry Karpowicz


I first met Wynn about 5 years ago when the Wynn Newhouse Award was in the planning stage. I was one of a group of six artists with disabilities invited to talk about our own experiences as working artists and how an award could best help us. Our meetings were held at Wynn's apartment and there was artwork everywhere. Wynn gave me a tour of his collection and talked about each artist and how and why he had acquired each piece. I was so impressed - that he had backed his appreciation for art and artists by actually buying their work, and for the wide range of his tastes and interests as reflected in his selections. It was clear that each piece was personally meaningful to him and gave him great pleasure.

I was equally impressed by his desire to establish the award, and to invite our perspective as part of the process. It was great to feel respected as professional artists who faced particular challenges in building our careers, and to talk about these experiences with others who shared and understood them. We were all heartened by the potential of this award to change perceptions in the art world. Now, in light of this sad loss, the award stands as the best possible tribute to Wynn and his powerful spirit.

with my condolences to his family, friends, and all who loved him,
Laura Ferguson


Wynn Newhouse will be remembered as an important advocate for the disabled as well as a patron of the arts. He will be greatly missed.

Ralph Mindicino


I knew Wynn when I went to Allen Stevenson School in 1967 and 1968. I was in his grade .
I remember him as one of the good guys. He was low-key, kind, and easy to get along with.
I heard of his passing recently,and was sad to hear it.
My condolences to his family and friends.
Bill Knapper


My deepest condolences to Wynn's friends and family. Receiving the Wynn Newhouse Award was the highlight of my career. It was an enormous honor and wonderful experience to meet Wynn, see his personal art collection, and meet the other artists. I was struck by his generosity in opening up his apartment to strangers and his thoughtful choice in recruiting highly respected artists and curators for the jury. The Award is a source of pride for me, as I'm sure it is for the other artists as well. Thank you Wynn, and I know others will continue to be touched by all that you accomplished.

Katie Miller


I just learned of the death of Wynn Newhouse, I am very saddened, he was a very special person, the way he gave money to artist with special needs and tried to better their lives as artists. I admired his strength. I don’t know any of his family members, but I did have the honor of meeting with Wynn in his apartment in regards to the artist grant he was formatting, G-d bless he did great work.

Robin Antar