Emily Eifler


The original impulse which brought me to art making was a drive to understand what I could not see. My neurological disorder is inherently invisible. There is no scan to perform which can reveal the source of my disorder. I felt permeated throughout by an entity I could not see or point to. I wanted to isolate the disorder from the "me" part of myself. I wanted it to be separate, the chaos from my order.

I first made sculptural objects to fill the void, to make understandable and visible the invisible within. As my curiosity about the organism matured, I became curious about the commingling of order and chaos that occurs in a living body. My work helps me to better understand our organismhood as well as that of other forms of life.

I have a hereditary neurological disorder which presents as migraines, involuntary movement, neuralgia and sensory disfunction.

The look inside place 1 - 2010
The look inside place 2 - 2010
Plastic primordial soup 1 - 2010
Plastic primordial soup 2 - 2010
The look inside place 2
digital print
43" x 14"
Plastic primordial soup 1
color photo prints
88" x 68"
Plastic primordial soup 2
color photo prints
128" x 32"
Plastic Abiogenesis 1 - 2010
Plastic Abiogenesis 2 - 2010
Swell/Say - 2007
Spineell/Say - 2007
Plastic Abiogenesis 1
color photo print
8" x 10"
Plastic Abiogenesis 2
color photo print
8" x 10"
yarn, polyester stuffing
156" x 36" x 24"
yarn, polyester stuffing
72" x 48" x 36"