Terrence Karpowicz


My aesthetic and the sculpture that results from it are the fusion of my life experiences, the materials I incorporate, and the equipment I use to refine or join together those materials. In my opinion all of my work is self portraiture. The experiences of losing my limb, coping with that loss and assimilating it in my daily life, is a critical part of the sum of my experiences that create the person I am today.

Through various media, I apply my aesthetic, craftsmanship, and inner sense of being to imbue each of my sculptures with my thoughts and feelings.  There is a unique balanced union between the materials I join together, whether they are wood, bronze, stone, or steel. My ability to express myself and to become enveloped in my art has enabled me to achieve a symbiotic state with my disability and its expression within my art.

This symbiotic state, the connection, that interdependence, I relate directly to the “fit/joint” of my prosthetic leg to my residual limb. If I am to be productive, there must be a perfect connection between the two. The kinetic and implied kinesis in my work is my attempt to create “objects” that move through space with more grace than I do.

I do not believe there is a conscious distinction between how I look at the world as a sculptor (who happens to be disabled) and a sculptor looking for inspiration from his environment. We all draw from our inner core and my disability has become part of my inner core. The act of creating sculpture has made it possible for me to join together my head, my heart, and my limbs.

Running with Nefertiti Nekay Athlete Arching Fissures
Running with Nefertiti
stone and wood
98" x 36" x 14"
graphite and steel
9' x 3' x 30"
polished stainless steel and steel
16' x 8' x 6'
Arching Fissures
granite and bronze
32" x 16" x 8"
Global Displacement Hura Dura Life's a Balancing Act Birthing Geometry
Global Displacement
granite, marble and wood
32" x 16" x 14"
Hura Dura
lead, oak and graphite
98" x 54" x 20"
Life's a Balancing Act
pine, oak and cherry
96" x 24" x 16"
Birthing Geometry
granite and steel
41" x 9" x 8"