Lihua Lei


When I was 4 months old, I contracted polio.

I grew up in Taiwan in the country. My parents were farmers. During the harvest time, we dried our rice in our yard. That would invite hundreds of birds to a feast. My job was to chase away these thieves with a long bamboo stick. So, while I sat alone and watched, I invented a lot of stories of what might happen to these flying creatures. Such as the baby birds get sick and the parents were busy looking for a doctor bird to have a home visit.

Now I realize such stories reflected my own condition as a sick child. Today, my artwork is like those stories which I make to protect, nuture and strengthen my spirit.

Bio (1:07)


Phantom Pain 2007 (1:48)


One Bag of Blood 2002 (0:51)


Easy Target 2002 (1:00)