Paul Laffoley


Disability: Physical

In 1996 My P.C.P. told me that I had contracted Diabete Mellitus to such an extent that when I fell off a ladder 20 feet above a concrete flor in 2001, I sustained two broken legs. After two years the left leg completely healed, but the right leg had such a crushed ankle bone that it had to be amputated 18 cm. below the knee. By 2005, I had a heart attack and was kept in a medical coma for 4 days. Lately in 2009, it was discovered that the artery connecting my kidneys became blocked, so a stent was inserted.

Disability: Mental

Since I was born I have suffered from what is now known as Aspberger's Syndrome. This led to social problems and an inability to relate to others. At first my parents thought I was mentally retarded. As I grew up they began to realize their first assessment was incorrect, and thought that I should have been home-schooled.

Mostly because of my physical disabilities, since 2001 I realized that I needed to have an assistant to help me. So far I have had 3 assistants, all from The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, School, all of which have been excellent Factota.

Physically Alive Structured Environment - 2004 The Parturient Blessed Morality of Physiological - 2004-6 Pistis Sophia - 2004-6 Cosmogenesis to Christogenesis - 2005
Physically Alive Structured Environment: The Bauharoque
ink, photocollage, vinyl lettering on board
31" x 31"
The Purient Blessed Morality of Physiological
giclee print on rag paper
18" x 25"
Pistis Sophia
oil, acrylic, ink, photocollage, vinyl lettering, velvet drapes, two-way mirror w/ electrical components
104" x 60" x 6"
Cosmogenesis to Christogenesis
ink, photocollage, vinyl lettering on board
31" x 31"
The Flower of Life - 2006 Mel's Hole - 2007-8 The Copenhagen Cat Paradox - 2008 The Sexuality of Robots - 2009
The Flower of Life
acrylic, ink, vinyl lettering on canvas
74" x 74"
Mel's Hole
oil, acrylic, sand, collage, vinyl lettering on canvas
39" x 39"
The Copenhagen Cat oil, acrylic, ink, vinyl lettering
39" x 39"
The Sexuality of Robots
photocollage, ink, color pencils, vinyl lettering
31" x 31"