Tom Shannon


I've always used drawing as an important part of my sculpture conceptualizing process. I think of an idea, draw it, think about the form before me, draw an iteration, expand it, connect it, rhyme it, drawing, drawing, drawing until the idea has evolved into something worth spending time building.

Unfortunately I'm left handed, and that ally, a fair talent to draw three dimensional ideas, is gone. I'm learning to use computers to aid my drawing-thought-drawing process. I continue to draw with a pencil despite spindly results to make notes in my long drawn art diary.

Parkinson's Disease, loss of motor control, tremors on left side

Drop - 2009 Color Compass Array - 2008 Hi Phi - 2005 Aeros Grande - 2005
stainless steel
13' x 6'6"
Color Compass Array
magnets, aluminum and paint
4" balls - dimensions variable
Hi Phi
stainless steel
16' x 10' x 6'6"
Aeros Grande
aluminum and magnets
6' x 4' x 2.5'
Buoy - 2009 Novel - 2009 Garden of Thieves - 2009 Yellow Warbler - 2009
polymer on canvas
44" x 72"
polymer on canvas
72" x 72"
Garden of Thieves
polymer on canvas
30" x 30"
Yellow Warbler
polymer on canvas
30" x 30"